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Following 12 months of travel through the USA and the Middle East to promote her first documentary film, Daizy returned to Australia, making the decision to step back, and take some much-needed time for herself.


She had a wedding to plan after all. And soon, children would be on the way.


But never one to rest on her laurels, Daizy decided to use her downtime to assist her parents in closing their small direct mail business, ahead of their impending retirement.


Daizy’s parents longed to return to their homeland of Lebanon, so Daizy told them to do just that – she would take care of the company’s wind down in their absence.


But things didn’t quite go to plan. With every new inquiry GDR received, Daizy began to win new business for the company.


This unexpected pattern continued for the next three months, and by the time her parents returned, Daizy told them they’d need to postpone their retirement – they were required back at work!


The rest, as they say, is history.


Daizy with Richard Branson

Life at the helm

Daizy is now the CEO, Managing and Creative Director of GDR Group, providing marketing and digital solutions to small and medium sized businesses across Australia.


She wears many hats within the business – but that’s nothing new for Daizy.


As the leader of the company, Daizy believes her primary role is to drive direction and inspire her staff, to whom she always offers the deepest respect, compassion and support. They are a team after all.


Of course, it doesn’t end there.


Along with providing an important mentoring and visionary role, Daizy must be on top of business trends and industry analytics.


She also monitors and manages the financial viability of the business to ensure a safe and prosperous career path for everyone who contributes to the running of her beloved family business.

Core values

For a business to be truly successful, Daizy believes there are four core values that must be adhered to, and she takes great pride in ensuring that GDR Group does just that.


  • Step Up – Take ownership, be accountable
  • Authenticity – Be honest, be true.
  • Family – Consider your teammates, clients, suppliers as family and ensure decisions are based on a long-term relationship, not short-term transactional beliefs.
  • Collaboration – Work as one team, always have each other’s back.

The future of GDR

Daizy’s goal is to continue to lead GDR’s growth into an innovative, heart-led, global media and communications business that transforms people’s business and personal practices, attitudes and behaviours.


Through GDR’s approach and methodology, Daizy and her team are helping their clients achieve outstanding success inspired by kindness, generosity and a commitment to outstanding service.

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