Dream Creations International

Dream Creations International

Dream Creations International was born out of Daizy’s desire to produce her first documentary film in 1993.


A storyteller at heart, Daizy has always believed that film is the most powerful form of communication, with a unique ability to penetrate both minds and hearts but more importantly, inspire and motivate people to take action or change behaviour.


“Be it movies, music videos, television programs or documentaries, human beings love to be visually entertained,” – Daizy.


In 1993, Daizy had a story to tell, and she wanted to share that story with the world – through film. This was what led to the establishment of Dream Creations and ultimately to producing her multi-award winning documentary – Lebanon… Imprisoned Splendour with the late, world-renowned film star, Omar Sharif.

Daizy Gedeon Michel Moawad

Daizy with Michel Moawad

The film’s much-anticipated sequel, The Dream IS Everything is now in the final stages of production and nearing completion. Daizy is also working as the Executive Producer on a feature film, currently in pre-production, in Australia.


The feature film is a crime/gangster thriller set in Sydney’s former red light district, Kings Cross in the 80s and 90s during the height of the drug and prostitution scene in that inner city area.


She’s also assisting with numerous other film projects including another documentary and mentoring several young filmmakers and enthusiasts.


Having already proven her ability to create meaningful, moving documentaries, Daizy real passion is to crack the feature films industry and truly allow her imagination to soar.


Inspired by classics such as Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Shawshank Redemption, Daizy is also working on a script for a romantic drama.


“I was around 10 or maybe younger when I first watched ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. I remember being profoundly moved by the story told through the eyes of a 10-year-old Scout, one of the key characters of the film,” says Daizy.


“It was her courage and innocence and more specifically the sense of justice and equality that were strong themes in that film, that struck a chord so deep in me and echoed so loudly within me that it awakened a belief or purpose in me that I have not been able to quell ever since – not that I would want to.

“But what I mean is that it alerted me to my innermost truth about who I am, why I am here and how I live my life and behave towards others.


It was life-shaping. That’s why I love films.” .


As with everything Daizy puts her mind to, her dreams for her filmmaking career are grand.


“I don’t believe it is worth doing anything by half measures. You are either in or you’re out. No sitting on the fence for me,” says Daizy.


As Dream Creations International grows into a fully-fledged film production company, Daizy hopes to become one of the most prolific screenwriters and possibly filmmakers in history and if her active imagination is anything to go by, she might just do it!


She has her eye on the prize too, with dreams of winning an Oscar for Best Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Producer.


Watch this space…

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