Welcome to Daizy Gedeon

Launching Miss Daizy

Welcome to Daizy Gedeon.

Welcome to Daizy Gedeon. It might seem strange that I decided to name my site after me, but after 30 years in the professional world, I realized people really do start identifying you by your real name – go figure ☺


They say you only get one chance to launch something or “officially” launch something, but in my humble experience as a journalist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, mother, daughter, wife, ex-wife, friend, girlfriend, mentor, etc, I want to share with you a BIG, little secret – you can launch and relaunch, official, unofficial, formal, informal…as many times as you want as long as you Keep it real.


You know when people do a “Makeover”, “Revamp”, “Overhaul”, “Redesign”, etc., 90% of the time, they have decided to go in a different direction, found something else that aligns better with what they believe, or have just simply changed their mind. And you know what? That’s OK!


Again, I say, just Keep it real.


So, from that intro I guess you now know why I chose to name my blog – Keeping it real!

I live an extraordinarily life, I am a proud single Mum of 3 absolutely wonderful and inspiring teenage children; I run a highly success¬ful, multi-channel marketing agency; I am a filmmaker currently in post-production on a documentary film about one of the most complicated, enduring and disrupting issues that humanity has witnessed in centuries – the Middle East, but more specifically Lebanon; I mentor people, speak at events, I work with charities and support a variety of causes,


“I am a huge over communicator”


but none more passionately than the Magic Moments Foundation and its work in inspiring and empowering teenagers; and, the Global Women Leaders organisation which works tirelessly and intelligently to support refugees and the displaced all over the world.

Being of Lebanese heritage, I am very attached and connected to my family and so I attend lots of family gatherings that I love, and I have wonderful, amazing, kind, talented friends that I cherish every moment I get to spend time with. In addition to all that, I love, love, love to read, learn, explore and grow. I love to keep fit, strong, healthy (but I am far from a fanatic ☺); I am a ball of


“First female soccer writer in Australia”


energy that loves to dance, ski, laugh, jump, run, etc.; I am a massive sharer of everything I have, discover, acquire; and one of my greatest strengths is that I am a huge over-communicator.


Now you could look at that word – over-communicator – and think that can’t be a good thing. “Over” means too much, excess, indulgent…well I can guarantee you that if not for my “OVER” communication, there is absolutely NO WAY I would be where I am today, doing all the things that I do. Now I am not saying that if you want to be successful, free and living a life filled with purpose, you need to go out there and start over-communicating. NO!

You just might not be wired that way, but over-communication is an important action that must be executed if you want to go places quickly and with the least effort…not NO effort, but less effort. Everything requires effort, if not you wouldn’t know how much you wanted it! In future blogs I will go into a deep dive on over-communication so you can understand what I REALLY mean when I use that term.


From my website and my social media platforms, I can only presume that you have sussed out that my professional career has been varied, global and exciting.


Starting as a cub reporter for the biggest News organisation in Australia, News Corporation, at the age of 18, graduating to holding my own round as the first female Soccer writer in Australia and first female sports writer at The Australian newspaper and maybe the News Group (can’t definitely claim that one ), and growing into a more thoughtful, international correspondent, reporting on world affairs and specifically related to the Middle East, which became and still is one of my passions – WHY? It is not only that I was born in Lebanon and I have roots in that part of the world, but as I have grown and evolved as a person, I believe it is the cause and cry for justice, equality, rights and truth from many peoples in this region, that compelled me to remain attached to this story and still does because it is still not done.


I don’t need to say this but I want to say this so that there are no doubts from the outset – I am not anti-Semitic. I am not anti-Arab. I am not anti-Islam, I am not anti-ANYTHING except, I AM ANTI:




So judge me based on these values and principles not by anything else you might assume or choose because you would be wrong if you did.

This blog will traverse many sensitive issues but will also engage in honest dialogue on simple, beautiful, wonderful topics, events, occurrences, historical fact and maybe even sometimes I might delve into some fiction, just for fun, but you will know when that is because I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be Keeping it real!


“fear…drives us to act illogically…”

Two of the major themes that I will write on will be connected to my film project and so associated with the Middle East, but not purely from a political standpoint. No, it will be from the viewpoint of a truth-seeker, an intrigued and inquisitive journalist and filmmaker wanting to understand and learn. I am going to share with you insights and stories that come from the coal face, the people, the reality of life, the day to day existence, the thoughts, dreams, hopes and prayers of people from all various faiths and eventually from all around the region, so that, maybe, this blog and the work I produce, might provide you with an alternative source of factual information to contemplate and consider before you pass judgement or make a decision about an event, person, situation, proposition, whatever. I want to provide you with more and broader facts so that you are not misled and the truth is not misrepresented.


Fear! Fear is a powerful emotion that drives us to act illogically and against our better judgement most of the time. But not always, I grant you that. But manipulated, orchestrated fear with a specific purpose is different to instinctive, intuitive fear that everyone MUST listen to. The first is driven by the head, and involves argument, and convincing which is why propaganda is required and necessary; the latter – intuitive fear comes from within each one of us. We are born with this knowing but we often deny, reject, rationalize it when people force propaganda down our throat, on our TVs, radios, smartphones, devices, through our elected and not so elected leaders. Fear is a blog I will address in the near future but for now I ask you just to ask yourself this one question before you make a decision based on fear – Is it the brain/mind that is leading me or my gut?




If it is your gut then do whatever you need to do to eliminate the fear. If it is the mind, then you need to reexamine any decision and question its validity based on the facts before you. Don’t just accept what you are told, inquire as to an alternative viewpoint. Do a little bit of digging. And then, listen to your inner truth, the voice in your head and heart that knows the truth. I promise you the effort is not so much but the confidence, self-esteem, knowledge and liberation you will feel will inspire you not to want to be led by the nose by anyone.


“owning your own business is an ultra, ultra-marathon…”


The second major theme I will address through my blogs is being a CEO, a business owner, a leader. Oh My God what a ride the last 11 years or so have been as the leader of my company. I had no idea how difficult it was to run a business and to stay committed to the cause. I swear I could have thrown the towel in at least 20 times and I will share some of those experiences with you because maybe some of you are in the same boat and others are contemplating getting behind the driver’s seat of your own business. Well if I can shed some light on this for anyone and help in any way to guide them through the ultra-ultra-marathon you are embarking upon or already on, then I would have contributed in a small way and hopefully saved you some of the pitfalls and bad decisions I made and still do, as I navigate my way through the corporate world.


“it’s like standing on a tightwire as a storm passes…”


One thing I would like to say at this point is that without a deep, emotive, life-changing reason WHY I wanted to stay in business, there is no way today I would be in business. I would have hung up my boots and gotten a day job and left behind the lonely and sleepless nights, hair-razing days, self-doubt and drama that comes with running your own business. NO ONE, NOT A SINGLE SOUL can tell you they understand how you feel if they have not been through it personally themselves and had their entire livelihood on the line, over and over again. It’s like standing on a tightwire sometimes, just trying to keep your balance until the storm passes…


Shit…why would anyone go into business if it is that bad? I’ll tell you why…in a future blog, I’ll delve into it for you, suffice to say for now – there is NO GREATER feeling that you can get than when the storm passes, you are standing solid, you see the sun on the horizon and you get to fight another day, and you want to, because you learnt something from that experience, you grew two inches taller, your chest expanded five inches wider, your armor may be dented but your resolve is unwavering…

That’s why! It is F#$%… phenomenal, and YOU did it…YOU! YOU! YES YOU!!!

That’s all for now and if you would like to send through any questions, get some advice, challenge my views, whatever, please feel free to contact me at daizy@daizygedeon.com. I would be only too happy to engage with you online or offline.


Thanks for reading and if you are ever in doubt about what to say, do or think just

Keep it real! and you will do great!





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