Lebanon…Imprisoned Splendour II (working title)

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The Inspiration

Having had the unique pleasure of experiencing such an intense and fulfilling love affair with Lebanon, Daizy always intended to return to the place where it all began.


She longed to continue the important story of her homeland, but knew deep down that some time must pass before she ventured back.


It has since been two decades and Daizy is often asked by followers, fans and enthusiasts when a second film will be produced.


“As time passed and changes in the country took place, such as redevelopments, growth and revival, I became more interested in returning,” says Daizy.


“Then with the Arab Spring in 2009, followed by upheaval in the Middle East, I watched as many Arab and North African countries imploded.”

Daizy on set for Lebanon Imprisoned Splendour II

While concerned about Lebanon due to its geographic location, Daizy never felt the revolution would spread there.


“Lebanese do have their rights, freedom and autonomy so the issues impacting the other countries and causing internal upheaval were not relevant in Lebanon. But they have their own struggles and frustrations no different to any other nation.”


But the situation did result in a far more interesting story to revisit, and with almost two million Syrian refugees seeking safety in Lebanon, the story was potentially explosive.


It was time to return.

The new story

While the new film will explore similar themes as the original, including the misrepresentation of Lebanon in the western media, there is a distinct focus on the pain of the locals who still fight for basic needs, such as electricity, clean drinking water and organised waste collection.


“The people of Lebanon are angry over the corruption that is endemic throughout all political institutions and structures,” says Daizy.


Despite their predicament, the Lebanese get on with life, actively demonstrating their resourcefulness and resilience.


This story highlights these elements, along with the amazing transformations that have taken place in Lebanon.


Not to mention, its incredible beauty, history, hospitality and charm, and the indescribable feeling one experiences when first stepping foot on this biblical land.

The process

Daizy describes the process of sharing the second part of Lebanon’s fascinating story as one of the most exhilarating experiences of her life.


“The reaction and response from people from all walks of life, and various religious backgrounds, has given me a greater sense of purpose and determination to produce a film that truly makes a difference,” she says.


“I am determined to change perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and inspire progress simply by sharing the facts and truth.”


Lebanon… Imprisoned Splendour II is due for completion in September 2018

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