Magic Moments

Until 2017, Daizy was the Chair of Marketing on the board of the Magic Moments Foundation, eventually resigning due to over-commitment, having dedicated herself to the role for two years.


As stated on its website: “The Magic Moments Foundation is a non-profit organisation formed to create a coalition of caring volunteers who are committed to consistently reaching and assisting people who are often forgotten by society…We are focused on arousing massive change within people so as to inspire and equip them with the values and skills to live their life with courage, peace and confidence.”


Probably her most significant contribution during her period with the organisation was championing and executing the repositioning and rebranding of the image of the organisation, inspiring and clarifying its mission of: “Turning Hope into Reality”.

The MMF website was recreated under Daizy’s leadership and stands as a beacon of purpose and vision to the many who wish to serve and support those members of the community that need assistance, as well as those seeking guidance and clarity.


Daizy was originally drawn to the MMF after finding out about its annual Youth Leadership and Business Summit. The event is held for teenagers aged between 13 and 18, teaching them life-changing empowerment skills and concepts.

Youth Leadership Summit


It is a program that…


  • Accepts that teenagers’ have intense emotions.
  • Surrounds the youth with inspirational individuals who mentor and coach them.
  • Teaches them to set goals that stretch and challenge them.
  • Increases their self–esteem so they are more confident to cope with the challenges of life.
  • Allows them to articulate their opinions and enter into discussions confidently.
  • Constantly teaches the new skills that motivate and empower them.

Magic Moments

The Magic Moments Foundation Youth Leadership Summit

Imagine if all Australians aged 13 to 18 were given this type of structure, education, training and support how different their lives would be and how different Australia would be?


Daizy’s own two teenage daughters have attended the foundation’s five day camp. Both girls went into the camp reluctant, suspicious and argumentative.


They came away from the experience grateful and empowered with eyes and hearts open, with better skills and knowledge to confront the challenges that life may throw at them.


Along with young people, the Magic Moments Foundation also serves the disadvantaged and the elderly through their two other programs the Basket Brigades and Grandies. Find out more http://www.magicmoments.org.au/

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