Me to a T.

Me to a T

Passionate, Principled, Unstoppable…

Three words epitomised by the powerhouse that is Daizy Gedeon, yet there is so much more to her incredible story.


A journalist, filmmaker and entrepreneur; a mother, philanthropist and activist, Daizy has lived a thousand lives, and shows no signs of slowing down.


As diverse as her passions may be, each of Daizy’s endeavours are motivated by her love of storytelling, her dedication to fighting for what is just and her to desire to bring joy to as many people as humanly possible.


She’s devoted her life to doing all three – through her illustrious career as a journalist, the development of her groundbreaking films and documentaries, her role at the helm of GDR Group and her community participation and philanthropy.


Born in Lebanon, Daizy migrated to Sydney as a child following unrest in the region.


Growing up in multicultural Australia during the 70s, Daizy was surrounded by hard working immigrants, whose undeniable work ethic and dedication to their families proved an inspiration.


For Daizy, the story of her life is best told through a raw and honest filter of poignant memories rather than a timeline of events.


Lingering feelings and the ever-lasting impact of the people she’s met throughout the journey of her life, imprinting her mind with far more impact than the events themselves.

Me to a T.

Daizy at the Champs-Élysées

The pride she felt when she became Australia’s first female soccer writer, the bittersweet emotion of winning GDR Group’s first million dollar account, just two weeks after her mother’s passing, the longing and nostalgia of returning to her homeland – these are the markers of Daizy’s life.


To feel and then to do, is what drives Daizy to passionately live her life, raise her three children and run her company with purpose.


It’s how she fulfils those dreams inspired by her diverse and multifaceted passions, and how she plans to continue to do so.


… the best is yet to come.

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