Rear View – Lebanon in review (18 October 2020)

Rear View – Lebanon in review (18 October 2020)

Oct 12 – 169 Towns shut down, as well as all bars and nightclubs

The Ministry of Interior issued a decision to shut down 169 towns, villages, and neighborhoods starting from Monday 12th till Monday 19th of October after being flagged as areas with high reports of COVID-19 infections. The decision also includes the shutdown of all bars and nightclubs until further notice. Keepings the nationwide curfew between 1 AM and 6 AM.

Oct 13 – Walid Joumblatt confessing during an interview to crimes he committed.

Walid Joumblatt confessed during a TV interview on Monday to crimes he committed during the civil war to engaging in corruption during peacetime. He didn’t shy away from confessing to those crimes since the general amnesty law and the absence of an independent judicial system ensure that he will never be held accountable for them.

His confessions:

“I instigated (the battles of) May 7 and there were those who encouraged me to do so.”

“I have meddled with the judiciary. If I tell you I haven’t, I’d be lying.”

“Yes, we are corrupt.”

“It was a crime against innocent citizens. It wasn’t a political mistake. It was a crime. I confess, yes.”

Oct 13 – Gebran Bassil wants to end the Taif agreement.

A year after threatening to “flip the table” Gebran Bassil is back for the commemoration of October 13, proposing amendments to the TAIF agreement, suggesting a new “movement” tailored to his desires, and refusing the latest initiative by ex-PM Saad Hariri.

Oct 16 – Riad Salameh is confiscating people’s Lebanese Pounds

In the absence of a government, while the political class is busy quarreling, Riad Salameh continues to act as an absolute ruler, tightening the noose around people’s necks and their money. His latest decision: depriving them of their Lebanese Pounds.

The central bank issues two new decisions this week:

  1. Forcing importers of goods subsidized by the central bank to provide in cash LBP the liquidity necessary to import said goods.
  2. Reducing the amount of banknotes it periodically delivers to banks.

Oct 17 – Thousands mark uprising anniversary in Beirut

Thousands of Lebanese gathered to mark the one year anniversary of the country’s anti-corruption protest movement and mourn the victims of the deadly Aug. 4 port blast.

The same chants that rang through the streets one year ago could also be heard Saturday as protesters from across the country marched on the Central Bank shouting.

The anniversary event lacked the revolutionary outpouring of anger that brought people from all walks of life together in the early days of last year’s uprising, but a small group of protesters did clash with security forces near the An-Nahar building after a day of peaceful demonstrations.

Oct 17 – Announcing my new film: ENOUGH – Lebanon’s Darkest Hour

I announce the coming of my new documentary film: ENOUGH! – Lebanon’s Darkest Hour. It has been in production for more than four years, and even though I live in Australia, Lebanon is where I was born, it is the ancestry that defined me, the place and the people that will forever remain deep in my heart.

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