Rear View – Lebanon in review (7 March 2021)

Rear View – Lebanon in review (7 March 2021)

2 March: $1 USD = 10,000 LL

On 2 March the dollar rate in the black market in Lebanon equaled to 10,000LBP and the citizens are on the brink of a revolt. The conditions in Lebanon are getting worse every day because of the unexplainable corruption occurring in the country.

3 March: The Revolution is back

After the rise of the dollar rate to 10,000LBP in the black market, the citizens of Lebanon are back on the streets demanding an end to the corruption.
They are asking for their simple rights and will not give up until they receive them and more.

3 Mar: Unions raise transportation tariffs

A meeting was held by the Land Transport Unions and syndicates to raise the transportation tariffs. The cost of a “service” cab ride has risen from LL3,000 to LL4,000 while bus prices increased from LL1,500 to LL2,000 within Beirut. They trusted individuals would get it that drivers were not to fault, as costs “have risen by over 400%, though companies’ and the government’s transportation allowance is still being calculated agreeing to the LBP 1,500 trade rate.”

5 March: Suspension of teaching for one week

Lebanese Education Minister, Tarek Majzoub announced on Friday the suspension of teaching in private and public schools for a week, as a warning to officials that he called on to respect their commitments to the sector and ensure the vaccines necessary to protect students, teachers and administrative staff. Majzoub set 22 March as the date to return to education, hoping to ensure official exams can go forward.

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