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Team Leader and Project Coordinator

Abdallah Mehyedeen

Interpersonal Skill
Project Management
The backbone of our team, Abdallah is involved across all areas of the company and the work of the Free and Fair Lebanon Foundation including managing the team, all operations and liaising with external suppliers, overseeing projects, activities and events. His commanding nature keeps the team on track and inspires them to live up to our mission.


Abdallah graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering which aligns with his strong, disciplined, professional and serious attitude to his responsibilities and the work of the business. His decision to change course from his trained profession came in 2022 after working as a key member of Daizy’s team for more than four months, during the launch of her film, ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour, across Lebanon. During that tour, he was awakened to a higher purpose that was revealed to him from watching the film and after gaining a deeper and more profound understanding of Daizy’s mission to build a Free and Fair Lebanon.

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