Silencing the Lambs

Silencing the lambs



Shame! I have intentionally restrained myself for the past week from commenting on the arrest by UK police of Julian Assange in London on April 11, 2019.


As a journalist I was appalled that he was released like a lamb to the slaughter, but honestly not surprised.


Why? Because it was apparent that the Ecuadorean Government had come under extreme pressure from the Trump Government over the past two years to cease their refuge of the Australian internet activist who came to international notoriety after publishing hundreds of thousands of secret US military documents, that were sent to him by a former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Edward Manning) in 2010.


As we have all become abundantly aware of in relation to the Trump Administration, President Trump has absolutely no respect for the Truth, for Transparency, for Honesty and even responding to formal requests by the American Senate to produce relevant documents related to his Tax Returns dating back over 10 years.


His strategy is DENY! DENY! DENY! IGNORE! IGNORE! IGNORE! Wear the opposition down, keep them tied up in paperwork and legal appeals and thereby avoid having to tell the truth be judged and no doubt face impeachment.


Anyway, this is not about Donald Trump but I felt it was important to make you aware of the context and the motivation behind the decision by the Ecuadoreans’.

Julian Assange

The threat to Assange is that he could face extradition to the US on charges of hacking conspiracy under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, with US legal experts claiming the framing of the charge is aimed at circumventing the country’s constitutional protection on freedom of the press.


However, the REAL threat to ALL of US is FREEDOM of SPEECH but even more profoundly – OUR RIGHT TO THE TRUTH!!


As Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said earlier this week: “This is a free speech question,”.


She explained that: “This precedent – if he is extradited – means any media organisation, any journalist anywhere in the world who publishes truthful information about the United States could face extradition and prosecution in the United States.”


But it is not only about news and media organisations – this is about us, people who believe and deserve the TRUTH.


We are sick and tired of being fed propaganda and lies. I cannot remember a time in my life that the institutions and individuals that we have looked up to and that we depend on upon to protect us, defend our rights and tell us the truth – have been more untrustworthy, dishonest, shameless, calculating and manipulative.


I do not only refer to the US Administration but also the Australian Government, our politicians, the Banks, the Insurance companies, the Pharmaceutical giants, the weapons manufacturing goliaths, and more disgustingly, the Church and the United Nations.


All of these institutions, organizations, people, leaders, etc., have FAILED US and continue to LET US DOWN. They are all in it for themselves, for greed, for power, for domination. It is an old story that harks back thousands of years but, one that seems to be reaching new heights of arrogant and utter disregard of any moral values.

We can’t allow this to happen and we MUST NOT turn a blind eye and allow this to go without expressing our disapproval.


This is OUR POWER.


We must learn to use our voice and OUR VOTE, when the occasion and opportunity arises.


Even a post on social media, sharing the #freespeech tag, liking the #FreeJulianAssange posts, talking to our local political representatives, our church leaders, our community leaders, EACH OTHER!


We must STOP IGNORING these situations! It is because we ignore. It is because we are apathetic, it is because we are distracted and don’t give even 5 minutes, that these incidents are on the rise.






From my heart to yours,









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